Version 1.2.2 (November 2001) now available. (Plus patches)
v1.2.2 contains minor patches and updates to v1.2.1 and v1.2 and is anticipated as the
definitive version, we recommend that users update and use only 1.2.2 from now on.
Version 1.2 Press Release.
Get FOS data already calibrated with the latest POA software

What, where and how: POA_CALFOS replaces CALFOS as the standard IRAF STSDAS FOS calibration package offering an improved correction to the zero point offsets found during the post-operational analysis of the contributing errors for BLUE data sets. more

(Download the POA_CALFOS Final Release presentation)

Obtaining POA_CALFOS: The IRAF layered package STPOA, contains the new calibration pipeline called 'poa_calfos'. It can be downloaded from here. There is also a patch for v1.2.2 available here.
[NOTE: If you are working at STScI or at ESO, this software has already been installed under the IRAF extern distribution. You can load it by typing "stpoa.poa_fos" in a cl window. You must also load the "stsdas.hst_calib.fos" packages in order to run the POA pipeline.]

It is also possible to obtain the data directly, already re-calibrated with the latest POA_CALFOS pipeline and the most recent reference files, here.


Updates to existing calibration documentation: Modifications to the existing descriptions of the calibration procedure found in the HST Data Hand Book and the FOS Instrument Handbook appropriate to POA_CALFOS can be found here.


New header keywords file (root.poa): POA_CALFOS introduces a number of new calculations, which are kept as a history record in a new output file, almost like "header keywords". This file and these "keywords" are listed here with brief descriptions.


Improved wavelength calibration with POA_CALFOS: Discussion of zero points as seen in the standard calibration with CALFOS and as seen now with POA_CALFOS.


Improved science with POA_CALFOS: An example of improved scientific results achieved with re-calibration by POA_CALFOS.


POA technical reports relating to POA_CALFOS, these are currently in preparation, only the abstracts are available here:

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