POA: Getting POA calibrated FOS data ST-ECF

The ESO/ST-ECF data archive now includes the final STPOA pipeline for on-the-fly recalibration of FOS BLUE data. To obtain your data ready calibrated from this source:

  1. Select and request your datasets from HST Science Exposures or HST Datasets Retrieval.
  2. Select the option 'Re-calibrate HST datasets NOW using the latest calibration software an reference files'.

This obviously only applies to FOS datasets which fit the POA_CALFOS criteria. For all other datasets the original CALFOS pipeline will be used by default.

Note on raw data: The raw data which accompanies calibrated data supplied by the OTF system will have the original (old) raw headers. The raw data headers can be compared to the calibrated data headers using the ftools task 'fdiff' or the IRAF task 'hdiff'. Running POA_CALFOS directly on these raw data will not yield correct results; you must get the raw headers updated with "best reference" information. This can be done by hand using the differences found from the calibrated data headers, or by getting the best reference information from the archive. Only after the raw data headers are up-to-date, can you run the POA calibration.

Note on the FITS format and the .poa file: Ready processed data from the OTF CADC or STECF archives that is requested to be on ftp download, will be in FITS format with the exception of the rootname.poa file (which will be in ascii form). If processed data are requested to be on FITS (only) tape, all files will be in FITS format. In this case, the root.poa.fits file (as well as any of the log.fits files) can be viewed with the following command:

unix shell> cat root.poa.fits | fold -w80 | more

POA calibrated data will also be available from CADC and STScI archives in the near future.


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