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The "stpoa" IRAF Layered Package contains Iraf tasks developed at the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility, by the Post Operational Archive Project. These tools are to help with the re-calibration of the Post Operation instruments of Hubble Space Telescope data archive.

The Current Version is 1.2.2 (February 2002). This package contains updated calibration software for the FOS and will in the future contain additional HST post operational instument calibration software. V1.2.2 contains some minor patches to V1.2.1 and V1.2 (see here) and is expected to be the definitive version.

More details concerning the content of these packages can be found here.

Instructions for installing the packages are given in the INSTALL file. The installation should be performed on a 'system' level, since it requires the IRAF account user previlegdes. If you have your own version of the IRAF installation, then you may also install STPOA privately for yourself.

[NOTE:  If you are working at STScI or at ESO, the STPOA package has already
        been installed under the IRAF extern distribution.  You can load
        it by typing "stpoa.poa_fos" in a cl window. ] 


To obtain the package via ftp (assuming a UNIX/LINUX Operating System):
	    % ftp ftp.eso.org 
	    login: anonymous
	    password: [your user name]
	    ftp> cd pub/stpoa
	    ftp> binary
	    ftp> get stpoa-v1.2.2.tar.Z  
	      ... [ option to download binaries:
                    ftp> get stpoa-v1.2.2-bin.ssun.tar.Z ]
	    ftp> get INSTALL
	    ftp> get README
	    ftp> quit

Patches to v1.2.2

There are currently two sets of patches to the STPOA v1.2.2 release. The second patch contains the contents of the first patch, and so one can install just the second patch if the first patch was never installed. If one has already installed the first patch, it is no problem to install the second patch.The first patch is not critical to the software; it simply contains a fix to a typo which could be misleading to some users. The second patch is a compressed tar file which contains mostly updates to the sample data, help files and changes to the POA data pre-processor. This patch closes off the POA software for the FOS.

Please follow the instructions below for installation of the patch:

1. Downloaded the patch from the ESO ftp area:

% ftp ftp.eso.org
login: anonymous
password: [your user name]
ftp> cd /pub/stpoa
ftp> binary
ftp> get stpoa-v1.2.2.patch2.tar.Z
ftp> quit

or simply: Download stpoa-v1.2.2.patch.tar.Z


2. Unpack the tar file into the STPOA root directory:

On a UNIX system, where ftpdir is the pathname of the directory into which the package was ftp'ed and stpoa is the STPOA root directory:
% cd $stpoa
% zcat $ftpdir/stpoa-v1.2.2.patch2.tar.Z | tar xvf -

Further instructions on the use of the STPOA package can be found here.

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