FOS Documentation

These pages contain the most complete FOS document archive available.

Final Overview of FOS POA project

This overview is taken from a poster prepared for the 2001 ADASS conference in Victoria, Canada.

HST Data Handbooks & FOS Instrument Handbooks

The latest versions of the handbooks (HST Data Handbook version 3.1 and FOS Instrument Hanbook Version 6.0) are available along with recent updates. In addition, older versions (often conatining material not reproduced in the later more concise editions) of both are available.

Instrument Science Reports (ISRs)

  • POA/FOS ISR's from the IPMG.
  • All existing FOS ISR's are now available on-line here.
  • A further list of IDT and other (mainly pre-launch) FOS reports can be found here.

Repository of FOS Technical Documents

The POA group has recently scanned and made available a large quantity of FOS technical documentation which was previously only available in hard copy. Included are many documents which were found essential for our POA investigations.

FOS Proposal List

A listing of all FOS proposals organized by Principle Investigator.

Other FOS Papers


FOS Advisories

Includes advisories dating back to March 1994.


FOS TIPS viewgraphs

Proceedings from HST Calibration Workshops

Papers dealing with the FOS from the first three (1 - 2 - 3) HST Calibration workshops.

The GIMP Page

A quick look at all things GIMPy!

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