• Space Telescope Calibration Workshop, STScI 2005:
    - STIS Calibration Enhancement: Dispersion Solutions Based on a Physical Instrument Model (pdf)
    - STIS Calibration Enhancement: Implementation of Model Based Techniques for Wavelength Calibration and Charge Transfer Inefficiency (pdf)
    - Characterization of Pt/Cr-Ne Hollow Cathode Lamps for Wavelength Standards in Space Astronomy Poster
    - Performance of the FOS and GHRS Pt/(Cr)-Ne Hollow Cathode Lamps After Their return from Space and copmarison with Archival Data Poster
  • ADASS 2004 Wavelength Calibration in Physical Model Based Pipelines
  • Characterization of the Far-UV Spectrum of Pt/Cr-Ne Hollow Cathode Lamps as Used on STIS (pdf), ApJS, 153:555-579, August 2004
  • Papers and Reports

  • ST-ECF Technical Reports:
  • HST Documents


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